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Smart Health Medical Clinic is a modern family practice that is comprised of a progressive and innovative group who’s aim is to provide comprehensive and timely health care in the northwest region of Calgary, Alberta. Our staff at Smart Health are hand picked from the best and come with years of knowledge and experience to better serve our patients. Physicians at Smart Health are very knowledgeable and have many areas of expertise within family medicine. Such areas include sport medicine, rehabilitation medicine, obstetrics, emergency medicine, and palliative care. We also offer our patients various services such as:

- Sick notes
- Insurance Forms
- Insurance Medicals
- Drivers Medicals
- Intrauterine devices
- Pre pregnancy and post pregnancy exams
- Baby check ups
- Aviation Medicals
- Vaccinations
- Periodic medical exams
- Driver medical exams
- Pre-employment medical exams
- Respiratory fitness exams
- Return to work exams
- Vision testing (acuity, color)
- Workplace immunizations and Pre-School Immunizations (Ex: Tetanus and Hepatitis A and B)

Appointment or Walk-in

You do not need to book an appointment to see a physician. However, appointments are preferred. Multiple problems may require more than one appointment. Please bring two pieces of government issued photo ID along with your Alberta Health Card when you arrive.


It is preferred that cancellations should be made up to 24 hours before the appointment to allow that spot go to someone else if needed.


Smart Health Medical Clinic is determined to assist our patients in hurrying the return to work policy to prevent loss of work time. We offer services to cope with disability related to occupational injuries. At Smart Health Medical we are extremely knowledgeable about the WCB processes and will do everything in our power to assist you. We like to allow our inured patients to return to the work site as soon as possible once it is deemed medically safe to do so. This is done through a treatment plan which is used to restore the injured patients function so they can stay at work. Please contact our office for further information.

Complete Physical Examinations

Physical examinations should be booked once a year in order for the physician to assess the patient’s health. This includes a review of the patients health profile, will analyze laboratory results, conduct screening tests, and discuss preventative health care. Physical examinations can also include but are not limited to:

- physical examination of all body systems
- screening tests
- blood pressure measurement
- heart rate measurement
- breast examinations
- Arranging tests such as an EKG or a mammogram
- cardiovascular risks
- pap smear
- pelvic examinations
- prostate examinations

Male Health

Men are welcome to address any health concerns or issue. Several tests should be routinely performed, such as testing for testosterone, in order to maintain good health and determine whether there are any problems that can be dealt with quickly.

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Clinic Policies

for Smart Health Medical Centre Patients

We require that you present a valid AHC (Alberta Health Card) each visit. If your health card is invalid/expired please contact Services Alberta ASAP. We will no longer be able to accept Out of Province Health Cards. You must pay for services rendered at the time of your visit. You can submit your claim to your home province's Ministry of Health for reimbursement based on their local fee schedule.

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